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Feedback from Creator of Educreations

on February 14, 2013

My original intention was to share the feedback from the Lexile company, but feedback from the Educreations app developer, Wade Roberts, arrived first.

Hi Amy,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our app.

In addition to being viewable on any iPad that has our free app installed, all Educreations videos are viewable on any computer that supports Adobe Flash player, and nearly all do. I’m not sure why you had such trouble viewing your lessons on your computer, but I’d recommend verifying that you have an up to date Adobe Flash install.

Then, I’d recommend that you verify that you’re using the correct link to send your videos to others, as noted below. There are a couple different ways to share lessons with people.

Sharing your lessons privately:

To share lessons privately, you can share a special link to your private lesson via email or other means. When you share this link with others, those people will be able to view your lesson, even if they are not logged into Educreations.

To get this link on the iPad, tap the share button on the My Lessons screen. Then either tap on the email icon to share a link to your lesson via email, or tap the gray link icon to copy the link for pasting elsewhere. To copy this link on our website, head to the lesson’s playback page and look in the right-side menu. Note that you should not simply copy the URL in the address bar of your browser.

Sharing your lessons publicly:

If you want to share several videos at once, you may find it easier to direct people to your public Educreations profile page. To get to your profile page, log into our site and click on your name in the upper right corner. Simply copy your profile page’s URL in your browser so you can share it.

Only your public lessons are visible on your profile to users who aren’t logged in, so make sure to select the public privacy setting when saving your lesson. You can change a lesson’s privacy setting by editing your lesson settings on our site.

Embedding your lessons on other sites:

You can also embed your lessons on an external website, like your blog. Only public lessons can be embedded, so make sure to choose the “public” option in your lesson’s privacy settings. If you’re using our iPad app, copy the lesson embed code by tapping on the share button on the My Lessons screen. Then tap the gray link icon for the video you wish to embed and select the “Copy Embed Code” option. To get the embed code on our website, visit the lesson playback page for the lesson you want to embed. On the right side of the page, you’ll find a link that says, “embed on the web.” Once you click this link, you’ll be prompted to copy an embed code that you can use to post your lesson anywhere on the web.

Please let me know if I can answer any other questions.


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