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A Picture a Day Project

on February 25, 2013

Originally, I was going to participate in the daily Tweets, but because my days were so filled, I did not find myself having the adequate time to post or upload six times a day. Therefore, I quickly determined that the Picture a Day project was more reasonable for my time schedule. I also wanted to stick to a theme. While I researched the project on-line as indicated in the assignment, I chose my own category: Unusual sites during my days. I was not sure how that theme would present itself, but it did because I became keenly aware of things that were not ordinary in my typical day. It was fun to watch for the surprises. Maybe these things are always there, but I took time to look and appreciate. On day one, ironically, my teenage son spotted a tortoise in our backyard. He was slowly cruising near our lanai. When I originally went to upload, I had some issues, but then just sent the image to my e-mail. Once downloaded into Windows Live Photo Gallery, I was able to crop and size appropriately for an upload to edublogs.

The second picture was just as unexpected as the first. Ice in southwest Florida – that was out of place. At my center, I teach one-to-one technology courses to students enrolled in our language program. These students have expressive and receptive language delays. Technology has been a major bonus to these kids. I use apps such as Word Mover, Educreations, and MadLibs which all integrate easily into our language training program. So this picture is unusual to me because it is a 10 year old with natural technology abilities teaching an 80 year old who has had to adapt. Outdoor Living magazine was sitting on our counter for some reason. I was eating breakfast and flipping through it, and found this insane ad. It would be difficult for me to work for a company that has to put a health warning on a product. The Kiss statue, electric car and DeLorean are all unusual items to see…at least for me on an average day.

I liked this project very much. It allowed me to wiggle out of “normal” each day and take a breath. I actually want to try to continue to by using Pinterest. I have actually made a board and included in my blog. Just click on it and you can see the unusual pictures that seemed to find their way into my busy days.

I did have each picture loaded on the blog, initially, but I just found it too cumbersome and non-social media like. The pictures on Pinterest are not in my original order, and while I worked with it, was unable to reorder them. That was really the only technological difficulty I encountered.

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